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How Banner Broker Works
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Advertisers & Publishers 

Banners Broker is a new approach in online advertising to increase your sales revenue while we sell your brand on your behalf – get paid for your impressions, while maintaining full control over the monetization of your advertising campaign. 
Register FREE today and receive 1000 FREE banner impressions. 
It’s our way of welcoming you to the team!

Why choose Banners Broker?
Banners Broker really have created an innovation in online e-commerce business. 
They work on behalf of you yes you by driving Traffic for them and pass out the most amazing rewards to every single person.

How do I get started? What are my first action steps?
All you need to do With Banners Broker is to select an Advertising Package from them and you get a full e-commerce business in a box. 
Then either when you have your customer rewards you can purchase more advertising to continue getting more rewards or you can tell others how good the company is and get more rewards that way as well.

How much do I need to start with?
Banners Broker are in well over 100 countries and have an Advertising Package to suit everyone.
You can buy a package as little as $25 up to any amount of purchase.
So whilst you can start at that level I would recommend that the $55 package is the place to start if possible.
The $410 Professional Pack is the most popular one currently.

How does BB manage to pay people double any amount they purchased in only 16 weeks?
Well that is the BB innovation !! They are in the online advertising and Traffic generating business. 
When you purchase an Advertising package BB go to work for you and quite quickly drive traffic for you to generate you customer rewards.

Do some packages move faster than others?
It is not the Packages it is the Ad Panels that complete their traffic cap at different times. 
The Yellow panels then the Purple panels, Blue, Green, Red and Black. 
So your Yellows can take around 6-8 weeks to generate you twice your purchase back in cash and the Green can be around 15-18 weeks to do the same. 
What an amazing deal. 
BB does the work and we make the Money.

How do my Banner Impressions work, as I have my own website?
That is brilliant. If you have a website all that is required is that you upload a Banner and you can set up your BB campaign and Target your impressions and let BB Publish, place and get your impressions on the web for you to get more traffic to your site.

Do you think this company can sustain all this for the long term?
That is the Fantastic thing about Banners Broker they have revolutionary software and as Online Advertising is a multi billion-dollar industry there is huge liquidity as long as website owners need Advertising and traffic to sites BB is here for the long haul.

 BB owners know what a great system they have here and will continue to support their customers for many many years to come.

What do I do if my BB panels reach their cap & I’m not around or on holiday?
No problem. If you reach your traffic cap (Panel completes) you can access your BB account from anywhere in the world and two minutes is all that is required. If that is not possible as all the Ad panels have a " Time Stamp " on them, wait till you return home and then you can release your panels and nothing is lost at all.

What is the difference between panel codes and sales credits?
Each of your Ad panels can be identified with its individual panel code and can be fully tracked.
Sales Credits are the method that you can carry your panels on generating you revenue for many years to come.
Ways to generate Sales Credits are that you can Re Purchase more Ad Packs and Traffic Packs to generate Sales Credits for yourself (So there is no requirement that you have to introduce others to make good money) You can tell others about BB and if they purchase advertising packs you get the Sales Credits as a reward for helping the company to expand.

 Also if anyone joins with you in BB when their panels complete you carry on and on and on getting sales credits. 
That is one of the Powerful things about BB you can tell a few people and carry on generating income for years to come, Brilliant!!

Come and join the fun its big its profit its amazing

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