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I am going to show you how to make money with some very simple steps to follow.

Please note you will need a cup of tea or coffee to go through this so go grab one and get ready to learn.

I can not guarantee if you follow these steps you will begin to make multi levels of income. Its what works for you but these are some guidelines on what i do to succeed and profit online.
I am sure some of it you will already know and might do already.
Some you might not know of so you are here to learn and pick up on stuff you need to know.

1 Do not get into many a lot of different business. 

By this i mean do not go into 20 different business that you do not fully understand.
Take pride in what you are doing research is a key element in making money online.
If you are in many business work with stuff you are good at. 
Take time to build up on what you are doing and build up and fix weak points within the business you are currently doing.
Try different types of online business.
Just because something is good for one person does not mean it will be good for you. 
Try different types of business and ways to make money online.
Work with something you find that is good for you and not just good for them because it makes them money.
 If you are reading this then you are here to do the same as myself. Make Money.
A lot of the time sites will make claims that are only true to them because they have spent the time in building up. 
Millions of people can turn around and say look at what i am making. 
But they never tell you how they got there or how much it took them to build up to where they are today in that filed of business online.
So i will show you how i got to where i am now.

2 With making money you need to use money.
Not all the time but it helps to have some sort of capital to begin with. 
If you have nothing then the best way is to search up research the business that are free to do but make sure you know what you are getting into and starting before you join. Make sure you have searched up to make sure it is a legitimate way to make money online, as they are many scams out there.
Take some notes down make a digram like this but with your own business or stuff you are doing online.

Next extend on them. For example:
1 Business and business type.
2 How much this is making you.
3 Cost to yourself.
4 Profit.
5 Time its taking up each day or week.

6 Now you want to make another one like you have just made and put in the bad items in it that you need to build up on.

Work with everything you are doing and take some time to build on the bad areas that need work on. 
If you need to take a time out on something then take a time out on work that is already been successful for you, providing you can step away from it.
If its something like survey sites then take a few hours off doing this to sit down and pick up on areas you are not doing so good in.

Spend time in what you are doing.
 Do not rush as you can end up making mistakes and losing out important information about what you are doing. 
With survey sites they is a lot to learn with them and not just jumping on the passion wagon of doing every single survey out there and filling in everything. 
This will result in you having to payout money as a lot of surveys people fill out will ask for cell phone numbers and will charge your cell phone. 
A big mistake people miss out on is the following options. Skip it, Move on. Optional, Pass,
Most of the time people just fill out everything and its not needed and will only result in you losing out and been charged for many different services you did not even know about. So again this is where time and research falls into this area of work online. You can find guides in the forums area where you can learn many different types of work that i currently do and many others work in.

Everyone wants to make money online but the main facts are many are not doing the simplest stuff and having some sort of structure on what there doing.

People want to make money and get rich quick. 
I can tell you there is nothing out there that will make you rich over night, but in time with what you are doing you will succeed in what you are doing.
Time and research is vital to any business you are doing online.
 Without this you are just wasting time so time time in what you are doing. 
I have been making money online for the last 8 years and its hard work even today.
 I am making good levels of income with what i am doing because i have taken the time in doing what i do online.
I know my site might not look the best to some but i know what i am doing on a daily basis and my aim now is to help you out from what knowledge i have picked up over the years.

Making Money The Free Way

How do you make money online free?
The best ways to start in making money is finding something that is free to do.
This means no costs to yourself. 
The best ways are to start in surveys but they are many things you need to know about survey sites how they work who pays who is a scam and understanding the business.
Once you know this then you will make money very easy. 
You can find my guides on the forums where you will learn a lot of simple things that many miss out on when joining survey sites. 
People tend to join fill out everything then start to wonder what is going on. Learn the business first before you start.
 Another way to make money is paid to click sites but i am advising against them because there too risky. 
Others might think different about this but i know from evidence i have collected last year there's been nothing but scam after scam. 
Stay away from them if you know what is good for you. If you do work in this type of business then you are taking too many risks.
 I know myself its good money if you know how to work PTC but you need to get in at the beginning and even then the site can be scam and run with your money.

What is HYIP?

Perhaps, you've heard that Internet has a great opportunity for earning money. 
You can find there a great amount of sites which allow you to multiply your deposits.
But due to a certain degree of confidentiality there are a lot of rogues which try to cheat you and to get your money.
I have been investing in HYIP's for more than 3 years now.
So I've made this site just to help newbies in many different areas of making money online. I hope that this guide will help you not to make the same mistakes that I've made in the past. I do not want to promise you that the information here will help you to earn money without any risk, but if you read this material attentively you will be able to minimize risks, earn money and get a stable income. Is HYIP four magic letters? 

To tell the truth, no it is not. Hyip is just an abbreviation for

So if you dream to earn millions here, I must tell that it is a wrong place.
 But it can provide you to a certain degree a stable income. 
So now let's define HYIP.
 It is usually defined as any investment that brings in a higher rate of interest than your savings account, which at current interest rates is about 4% to 5% per annum.
Legal HYI are usually based "offline" and are operated by registered companies. The minimums to get into these HYIP's range from $500 to $10 million and upwards. 
Online HYIP's are a completely different thing to offline HYIP's.
Online HYIP's are programs which accumulate money and put investments into high profitable projects.
The majority of those programs do not inform their clients about the way they use money as it is considered to be their trade secret, but there are also those that inform their clients about the basic sources of their incomes, and, as a rule, it is a game at the stock exchange FOREX.

Despite of the big risk to lose money the world of online investments is constantly growing. It has become possible due to modern communications which allow you to use time and financial streams effectively. 
They allow everyone to earn money at any time, sitting at home in front of your computer and all you need is the access to the Internet.
Online HYIP's can be divided into 3 different categories; Dailies, weeklies and monthlies. It basically refers to when you will receive your payments. In general, variable weekly or monthly returns are the safest to invest in.
I hope you see now that investing in online HYIP's is far from to be secure and guaranteed. Remember! HYIP's cannot be the answer to your financial dreams.
You want to pay off your credit card bill? Get a better job. 
Too many people have invested everything they have and been completely and utterly ruined financially. 
HYIP's are good but again you need to understand and know about this business before you start investing money into the. My moto in HYIP is never invest what you cant afford to lose.

12 Rules for Investing in Someone Else's Business

Here are twelve basic rules to use when considering an investment in a small business:

1. Don't be "sold" investments.

You select your investments. Don't blindly accept a friend's or family member's pitch.
 If you haven't established your own investment goals, do not invest in anything until you do so.
 Without your own goals or standards, you lack a basis for assessing the opportunity. 
You leave yourself vulnerable to the sales pitch that sounds good.
Only get into investments that meet your criteria. Check out the business plan yourself. 
If you do not have the ability to review the business plan, get help from someone who does.

2. Require a business plan.

Insist on seeing the business plan of anyone proposing that you invest in his or her business. 
Never even consider an investment without a business plan.
The business plan should provide enough detail for you to determine whether the business is feasible and is likely to succeed.
 It should make clear how the business will make money and provide a return on investment to investors.

3. Calculate your downside risk.

Determine what the various outcomes might be.
Under what circumstances will the business succeed? 
Under what circumstances will it fail? 
What is needed for the business to break even? 
If the business needs more money at some point, will that money be available or will the business fail for lack of additional cash? 
Will you be willing to refuse to provide additional funding and see the business collapse?

Do not accept any representation that "that can't happen." Determine for yourself what can happen
 Can you afford to lose your entire investment? 
Will any assets be left for you if the business fails?

4. Consider tax consequences.

What are the tax consequences of this investment?
 Can this investment be structured to provide a tax benefit to you if it fails? 
Will the investment be a purchase of stock in a small corporation under IRC 1244, allowing you to get ordinary loss treatment on the sale of the stock or failure of the business?

If the investment is structured as a loan, remember that a loss on a loan to a business is treated by the IRS as a non-business loss.
Unless this capital loss can be utilized to offset capital gains you have from other investments, the maximum capital loss which can be deducted from your ordinary income is $3,000 per year.

Is the entity an S corporation, LLC, or other pass-through entity?
 If so, remember that the tax consequences will be passed through to you. 
These tax consequences can be profits, losses, capital gains, etc. 
Make sure you can deal with these tax consequences.

You may find that you can't take advantage of losses because they are passive losses, which can only be used to offset passive income which you may not have.

Another potential problem is being taxed on profits that are not distributed.
In a pass-through entity you are taxed on your portion of the taxable income, whether or not any cash has been distributed to you.

Can you afford to be taxed on undistributed profits?
 If profits are reinvested in the business there may be no cash to distribute to the investors who must pay the taxes.

5. Use your influence.

Get what is best for you. 
Have the investment structured the way you want it, or don't invest. 
Are you a key investor? 
Are you the only financial backer? 
If you are just one of several investors, what power will you have to influence the management of the business?

Don't overestimate the value of the founder's management contribution or underestimate the value of your financial contribution. 
Without your money, the founder may have nothing. 
Without the founder, you would still have your money and you would find another investment.

Have the investment structured to give you the control you need to protect your investment.
 If your investment is an equity investment, make sure you have the voting power you need, and protection from dilution of voting power.

Have the ability to elect the number of directors necessary to control the Board of Directors, or at least have veto power over certain actions by the Board. 
Don't fall for the idea that the founder should have control of the business.

Do you prefer to provide a loan, instead of buying stock?
 A loan is intended to be paid back with interest whether the business does well or not. 
If the loan is to an entity, which might cease to exist, insist on a personal guarantee. 
Make sure the loan is secured by the most valuable assets of the business, and by assets of the guarantors.

6. Make sure the founders also have something to lose.

Don't get into a business where the founders have nothing to lose. 
Make sure the founders will lose money or end up in debt if the business fails. 
The fear of failure should motivate them even when the possibility of success does not.
The business needs to have incentives and disincentives for management and the founders.
 Otherwise, they may be willing to operate a worthless business as long as your money provides income to them.

7. Do it right.

Make sure your paperwork is in order, even if you are investing in the business of a friend. 
Check to see if any of your rights as an investor must be covered in the articles of incorporation in order to be valid. If necessary, have the articles of incorporation amended.

Be sure to file your security interests in the right places.
If any of the assets to be used as collateral are trademarks, patents, or copyrights, the security interests must be filed with the appropriate federal offices. 
While most security interests in assets are filed with the Secretary of State, you must check the filing requirements for the different types of assets you use as collateral.

If you are providing significant funding for a business, you should insist on other rights which go beyond collateral. 
You should have the right to receive financial reports on a regular basis, to inspect the books and the facility, and to audit the financial status of the company.

8. Get it in writing.

Cover all important aspects of your arrangement in the written documents. 
Don't rely on oral promises or general trust.

9. Keep copies of all documents.

Don't forget to keep copies of all paperwork for the entity. 
For a corporation, keep copies of minutes, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and shareholder agreements. 
For partnerships and limited liability companies, keep copies of the agreements which establish the entity. 
Keep copies of all filings with the Secretary of State and the IRS. Keep the original notes on your loans in a safe place.

10. Plan to get money out.

How will you get money out of the business? 
Will you be an employee? 
Will you spend enough time on the business to justify the income you want?
 Will you be paid consulting fees?
 Will you want dividends paid? 
Do you need to elect S corporation status as a basis for distribution of profits to you?

11. Don't invest money that you can't afford to lose.

Don't invest money you need access to. 
Many investments in small businesses are completely illiquid. 
Even if the business survives and does well, your funds may be tied up until a major event frees up your money (and the major event may never happen). 
Don't invest in a business where your only "out" is an initial public offering.

12. Invest responsibly.

Even if you can afford to lose the money, and even if the beneficiary of your investment is your child, don't be reckless. 
Require even your child's business to meet high standards of business planning.
 Irresponsible investing encourages irresponsible business management.
 A business out of control is a poor investment for you and a poor training ground for your child.

Now that you have these 12 rules you can change them and implement them into what you are currently doing online.
Now you have some more structure in what you are doing online.

More info and help will be available to the public when i get the chance to get on.

So stick around you might find something has been changed and updated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you the best for a successful year in making money online.

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